Rates: Half Day ( 5 Hours )

1 - 2 Persons - $750

Additional Persons - $125 each

Rates: Full Day ( 8 Hours )

1 - 2 Persons - $1000

Additional Persons - $150 each

 Price Includes : Guide, Bait & Tackle, Fish Cleaned and Bagged.

Tax, License, Transportation, Accommodations and Meals are your responsibility

Gratuities are optional and appreciated.  

 Please keep in mind, based on weather, travel times vary 

A Deposit is required in order to secure your date and hold the boat for you.  Deposits are non-refundable with less than a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation.  We will however, credit your deposit to alternate dates within the same year or following year only.  We accept most Credit cards, Cash, Paypal, E-mail money transfers and Square.


Charter deposit





Effective April 1, 2016 until further notice, the following limits will be in effect:

  • The daily limit is one (1)

  • The annual limit is six (6)

  • The maximum head on length is 133 cm (Approx. 101 cm head off)

  • The possession limit is 2, only one of which may be greater than 83 cm, head-on (Approx. 63 cm head off) in lengthTo aid in transporting your catch, you may remove the head from a halibut that you are keeping.Measurements are made from the base of the pectoral fin at its most forward point to the extreme end of the middle of the tail, as shown

  • Recreational harvesters wishing to fish for halibut, require a Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence and must comply with the conditions of the licence. You must record any halibut that you keep on your licence and identify the size and the Pacific Fisheries Management Area where it was caught.

  • It is a violation to have any recreationally caught fish in your possession that has been skinned, cut, packed or otherwise dealt with in such a manner that the species, number, and length of the fish cannot be readily determined.


    As identified above and on the 2016/ 2017 Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence, size limits are in effect. In order to comply with these size limits it will be a requirement for recreational harvesters to measure any halibut they decide to retain prior to keeping it.

    There are regulations in place that require all fish that are not retained, to be released back into the water from which they came immediately with the least amount of harm.

Mark an area on your vessel’s hull at the water-line in the area where you would play your catch. Use these marks to determine the 83 cm or 133 cm size limit of your catch. A measuring device may also be fashioned from a piece of wooden dowel such as the handle on a deck broom. Mark the two size limits on the dowel and use this to measure your catch while it is still in the water.

  • Small halibut are easier to handle than larger ones and may be netted and brought on board your vessel where they can be measured and either returned or taken within your daily limit. If you decide to release a small halibut, do so while it is still in the water as this will cause the least harm.

  • DO NOT bring large halibut on board your vessel to measure. Halibut are a very powerful fish and can cause you serious injury. If you believe you cannot properly measure a large fish safely and accurately enough to comply with the length requirement then release the fish.

  • In order to comply with minimum or maximum length regulations you must either leave your halibut with the head and tail attached, or you may fillet it so that one fillet has the tail and the pectoral fin attached. This will allow the length from the end of the tail to the most forward anterior point where the pectoral fin is attached to be measured.

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Your Fishing license here

Fishing Licenses are only available online. All Anglers must have a valid fishing license.  Remember to always carry your license with you when fishing and record your catch. Click on the box above and follow the instructions to obtain yours.