Rates: Half Day ( 5 Hours )

1 - 2 Persons - $550

Additional Persons - $125 each

Rates:  8 Hour Day 

1 - 2 Persons - $750

Additional Persons - $125 each

 Combo Rates:   Includes a day of Fishing for Salmon and Halibut ( Approx 8 Hours )

1 - 2 Persons - $850

Additional Persons - $150 each

Price includes : Guide, Bait & Tackle, Fish Cleaned and Bagged.

 Tax, License, Transportation, Accommodations and Meals are your responsibility

Gratuities are optional and appreciated.  

 Please keep in mind, based on weather, travel times vary

A Deposit is required in order to secure your date and hold the boat for you.  Deposits are non-refundable with less than a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation.  We will however, credit your deposit to alternate dates within the same year or following year only.  We accept most Credit cards, Cash, Paypal, E-mail money transfers and Square.

Charter deposit

 Salmon Facts

 - There are Ten species of Pacific Salmon, Seven are found in British Columbia.

- Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Pink, Chum, Steelhead Trout, and Cutthroat Trout.

Life of a Salmon Egg:

Salmon eggs lie in gravel, the first thing that develops is an eye - Over months, the embryo develops and hatches as an alevin. The alevin carries a yolk sac which will provide food for two to three months. Once the nutrients in the sac are absorbed, the free-swimming fry must move up into the water and face a dangerous world. 

The fry may live in fresh water for a year or more, or may go downstream to the sea at once - it varies by species. Fry ready to enter salt water are called smolts. Whenever they do migrate, they face predators, swift currents, waterfalls, pollution and competition for food. 

Young salmonids stay close to the coastline when they first reach the sea. After their first winter, they move out into the open ocean, and, depending on the species, spend from one to four years eating and growing in the north Pacific Ocean. Then they return to their home streams to spawn and die. 

From each thousand eggs that were laid, only a few adult salmon survive to help maintain their species. Salmon hatcheries greatly increase the number of survivors protecting the eggs and fry through the critical early development of their life.


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Your Fishing license here

Fishing Licenses are only available online. All Anglers must have a valid fishing license.  Remember to always carry your license with you when fishing and record your catch. Click on the box above and follow the instructions to obtain yours.