Day Trip Adventures


Come Experience Roche Harbour located on the Northwest side of the San Juan Islands in San Juan County, Washington along the Haro Strait bordering Canada and The United States. Roche Harbour was named after Richard Roche who served under the British Captain Henry Kellett in 1846.  Lime production was a major industry in Roche Harbour back in 1886.  The Roche Harbour Marina is a designated port of entry for pleasure crafts and is considered one of the best marinas in the Western United States.  The Haro Hotel is considered to be one of the focal points on the Island.  Spend the day walking around the Resort or rent a Moped and cruise to the other side of the Island where you'll find Friday Harbour.

Don't forget to bring your valid Passport.

Kayakers, Paddle boarders, Divers and Bird Watching Photography enthusiasts will absolutely love the Wildlife and sights the West Coast of Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands has to offer.  Whether your planning a week long Coastal journey or just a day of paddling around, share us your ideas and let us help make it happen. 

A Deposit is required in order to secure your date and hold the boat for you.  

Deposits are non-refundable with less than a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation.  We will however, credit your deposit to alternate dates within the same year or following year only.  We accept most Credit cards, Cash, Paypal, E-mail money transfers and Square.


 Day Trip to Roche Harbour- $500 - up to 6 persons. 

Additional persons - $75 each


 Tax, Transportation to boat, Accommodations and Meals are your responsibility


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Fishing Licenses are only available online. All Anglers must have a valid fishing license.  Remember to always carry your license with you when fishing and record your catch. Click on the box above and follow the instructions to obtain yours.