Whale Watching Tours

Personalize your wildlife experience and get close up with natures wonders. Southern Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands Boasts some of the best Whale Watching and Wildlife around.  We offer Private Personalized Experience Tours up to 6 person's or family members.  You'll have a First Class, front row seat at some of the worlds largest and most spectacular Mammal's.

Whale Facts - How neat is that !!

What is a Marine Mammal?

Marine mammal is a mammal that has adapted to aquatic life and rely’s on the ocean to maintain a healthy, livable existence.  Marine mammals breathe air and even though marine mammals live in and around the water they must surface to breathe otherwise they will drown.

Unlike fish that lay eggs, whales do not, instead they carry their babies in their womb until they are born.  Marine mammals are warm-blooded so for them to maintain their body heat they must consume large quantities of calories.  This helps develop a thick layer of blubber in order to keep their vital organs from freezing in cold environments.

Marine mammals mammary glands produce milk which is used to feed their young ones. The milk is full of fat and nutrients which helps their newborns develop.

Whale Watching Rates - $150 per person minimum 4 persons, maximum 6 persons - 3 hr private tour with friends and family

Call or email us to reserve your spot.  



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